Amish Shah here. I’m an Inc. 500 Entrepreneur... a globetrotting treasure hunter… an explorer of consciousness... a gatherer of tribes… and a loving family man with a dream: to reconnect you with your human perfection.

Of course, human perfection isn’t about being perfect. It’s about growing into your ridiculously infinite potential. And realizing you can and should have it all.

That life of adventure. That passion-fuelled business. That sweet financial freedom. That spiritual clarity. Now that’s living!

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Watch My Debut Documentary Film That Went Viral!

When I was a kid, my mom would mesmerize me with bedtime stories about Dwarka: an ancient civilization with wisdom and technology far ahead of its time, from flying machines to nuclear weapons.

Then years later, when I first heard of mysterious artifacts washing up on the shores of modern-day Dwarka, followed by dive expeditions and hushed government cover-ups… I knew it was time to satisfy my childhood curiosity.

Shot as part of my Ancient Explorers movement, my debut documentary film, Dwarka: Atlantis of the East, documents my journey to this ancient city… and why what I discovered there may just force mankind to rewrite history.

Since its launch in mid-2014, Dwarka: Atlantis of the East has been viewed over 5,000,000 times in 40+ countries. Watch the full film here:

Watch the Full Version Here!

Join My Global Community Of 700,000+ Conscious Creators

From Napoleon Hill to Sir Richard Branson to Elon Musk, I’ve always been fascinated by how some seemingly normal people can do more, imagine more and be more than most of us can even imagine.

So I’ve spent the past two decades studying these visionaries and luminaries… and uncovering a hidden world of ancient wisdom, natural phenomena and scientific concepts they apply to unlock dormant ‘superpowers’ from deep within.

Applying this wisdom is what turned my entire life around. And so in 2012, I decided to share all my findings in one place: and Project:Yourself was born.

The Project:Yourself movement is now at 700,000+ people, and continues to grow every day through word of mouth (and a little marketing magic!). Join us and get our free Reality Bending course that reveals how to bend the rules of reality in all areas of your life - from your career and finances, to your relationships and wellbeing:

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Deep Origins: Harnessing Ancient Wisdom
To Elevate Modern Lives

Deep Origins is my childhood dream come true. We’re a publishing and technology company, harnessing the
latest online tech to spread transformative ancient wisdom - from meditation to astrology to the teachings
of lost civilizations - to millions worldwide.

Deep Origins Is Home To Various Tribes, Including:

Click Here to Learn More About Deep Origins

Last But Not Least, My Nonprofit:
The Shah Education & Exploration Fund (SEEF)

SEEF is my 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to raise awareness for the most vital historical hotspots around the world… by empowering the indigenous communities surrounding them.

The magic happens through on-site education grants, healthcare programs, work opportunities and volunteer outreach programs that allow people like you and I to contribute our skills to communities including the Maya settlements in Chichen Itza, Mexico, and the people of Dwarka, India.

There are many ways to play a part in SEEF:

Learn More At


  • Listed in the Inc 500 (twice) as the CEO and Founder of one the fastest growing companies in America

  • Built and sold 2 technology education and software companies (online marketing + apps)

  • Currently building educational tribes in various markets with over 250,000 active subscribers with reach to millions

  • 10+ years experience in meditating, marketing, technology, leadership, business and sales to awaken the world through conscious media

  • 65th fastest growing advertising & marketing company in America

  • 10th fastest growing business in San Diego


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